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I've been an artist since I can remember. Music, acting, poetry & design- there's always been something about the Freedom of expression that captivated my imagination & spirit Through these media I have found endless possibilities for reinventing myself. While on a music tour throughout the country of Mexico, I fingerpainted my first shirt & wore it as I performed my music. From that day on I knew I wanted to design custom apparel.

I printed my first shirts in my laundry room, curing them with my kitchen oven (almost burnt down my house lol). This not only blew open my artistic window but inspired the entrepreneur in me. As I explored local retail stores to carry my brand, I found that most (all but one) weren't open to new artists and the approach of the underdog. My dream wasn't to own a clothing gallery but sometimes ambition is ignited out of necessity. I vowed that when I opened my shop it would be artist-driven - a space where we could be creative & push the limits of society.

Today, Freedom|Etc is a community of artists who believe we can change the world, one design at a time. Freedom|Speech. Freedom|Expression. At Freedom|Etc we create art with a purpose. We are dedicated to providing you with quality custom gear that reflects your passion. The Freedom|Etc team is committed to helping you achieve your dreams...Read More 

-Reginald Swindoe Kennedy